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10 Jul 2020
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Galvalum is a high-quality steel that is lightweight and thin, but its strength is not inferior to conventional steel. There are several types of mild steel that are grouped based on the value of tensile strength (tensile strength). The ability of tensile stress is generally based on the final function of the mild steel.

For example for structural products such as lightweight steel roof truss using mild steel with high tensile stress (G550). However, for a variety of home appliances products, light steel with lower tensile stress (G300, G250) is needed which is more flexible and soft so that it is more easily formed as desired.

Here are the advantages:

1. Light steel frames will not be eaten by termites. As we know, the quality of wood that is widely used and that is on the market today is wood with 3 lower quality or less good. Not much else, even very rarely provide or use good quality wood such as teak to build a building. Therefore, choosing a lightweight steel frame is an absolute thing if your frame wants to have a longer life

2. Mild steel will accelerate the duration or working time of a building. Mild steel that is ready to install will certainly save you a lot of time working on various building projects that you are working on. Even a house with type 36 can be completed in about 1 week using a lightweight steel frame.

3. Light steel frame structure which is certainly lighter than if you use wood as your roof frame. Of course this can facilitate the workmanship and security of your workers more secure.

4. Lightweight steel frame is cost effective. Mild steel is not easily weathered. Imagine how much money you can save with this mild steel feature, especially in terms of the cost of maintaining your building in the future. In addition, according to several survey results, type 42 houses built with light steel roof structures and brick walls can save the cost of production up to a range of just 31 million (including the cost of covering the roof and beyond the foundation of course). Amazing isn't it ... :)

5. Light steel frames have a structure or material that can be adjusted to the geographical conditions of an area. Suppose your building is on the seafront or beach, then the light steel frame you use will be coated with certain materials that will adjust to the contour of the coastal area (not easily corroded of course). Do you have this excess wood material? I don't think so

6. To protect the environment. As we know that forests in Indonesia are not as green as they used to be due to illegal logging. Therefore, by using a lightweight steel roof it is tantamount to taking care of our environment which has already been damaged, does not get worse.



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